Film and Television

Sugar Beach Digital's film and TV division can handle any size project. We can come in during the pre-production process and help organize and run the project so that when it is time to film, the process runs smoothly. We can produce and film the project, bringing together our team of experts in each department. And we can run the post-production process with our team of experts in every area including editing, sound design, music, motion graphics, color grading, and final output for any medium.

In a dying world, a lonesome scavenger finds solace in teaching a young girl how to survive. Starring Kinsey Krutzler, Ryan Herman, Deanna Meske, Tony Riha, and Enrico Marcellino.

Ryan Herman discusses the process as an actor of not knowing what a film will look like while filming. Then getting a better picture throughout the post-production process.

Every film gets made through hard work and compromise. Director Kenny Heidt, DP Ralf Gonzalez, and Camera Operator Joe Sanchez worked together to make some beautiful shots possible.

Kinsey Krutzler was only 9 years old when starring in the role that she is getting recognized for including a nomination for best Supporting Actress at the 2016 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival.

Ryan Herman has been in several of Kenny's projects over the years. Producer of Daffodil, Jennifer Cascardo, discusses what it was like working with Ryan, who plays Paul in the film.

Enrico Marcellino started working with Kenny Heidt in college. Here, he and Ryan Herman discuss the openning scene between the two of them. Enrico Marcellino plays "The Wanderer" in the film.